The Framing of Audrey Hepburn

Something about the classic icon of Audrey Hepburn brings a sense of vintage fashion to the table. While flipping through the pages of my Teen Vogue monthly issues, all thanks to my grandparents, I learned that in every issue the star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s was featured or mentioned at least once. Now mind you, I have taken up the hobby of collecting her memorabilia so wanted to utilize her appearances in this magazine for a project closer to my interests… I quickly realized that these clippings could be put to good use and used as the heart to my project. If your looking for a quick addition to the perfect outfit, all you have to do is cut out your inspiration from a magazine and frame it like you would any other important figure in your life. I found that such a simple project could finalize a summer shorts kind of day perfectly.


There are two ways of creating this necklace:
1. Buy the already made necklace frames ($2-$3) if you are not feeling up to the extra work of creating your own “glass” covering for your picture.
2. Place your clipping in a hollow border (like the packages in the picture) and use Hobby Lobby’s Magic Glos to create the transparent top for your picture.

Then walah! You have yourself your own vintage summer accessory:)


Happy Crafting!